DNA/RNA Extraction, automated
LabTurbo Extraction System

Fully Automated DNA / RNA Extraction System

LabTurbo is a spin column open design for different kinds of nucleic acid purification. It offers complete solutions from barcode reader, primary tube load, sample homogenization, lyses, bind, wash, removal of residuals, elution, cooling storage, reaction (PCR) setup, video check, communication and documentation. It is a rapid and economic walkaway system; it takes about 75 minutes for 96 samples (LabTurbo 96). It allow users to use the original use manual kit just with addition of a column adapter and a non-organic clean buffer.

  • High sensitivity (10-8 copies)
  • Cross contamination free
  • Scalable volumina up to 2 ml
  • Effective removal of inhibitors 
  • High purity (OD A260/A280 für DNA 1.7 – 1.9 für RNA 1.9 – 2.1)
  • Reproducible yield up to 200 µg
  • High flexibility (customizable)

LabTurbo Kit Technology

LabTurbo 36

For 1- 36 samples simultaneously (also available as LabTurbo 18 resp. LabTurbo 48)

  • 6-channel pipette, 6 x 6 well thermoblock, lysate-wash vacuum manifold, elution vacuum manifold, reagent block (10°C cooling).
  • Also available as Lab Turbo 96 for 12 – 96 samples with 24 channel pipetting and as LabTurbo 496 with 48 channel pipetting.

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LabTurbo Extraction Kits

Learn more about LabTurbo Extraction kits on the website of the manufacturer. Ordering and delivery will be handled by amplifa.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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NorDiag Arrow

Automated Magnetic Bead Based Nucleic Acid Extractions

NorDiag Arrow utilizes a new and innovative technology for the purification of nucleic acids. It provides a significant reduction in both purchasing and running costs. The interchangeable pump/tip assembly allows variable input sample volumes.

  • Flexible sample input volume up to 1.6 ml
    -> small and large purifications on one instrument
  • UV light
    -> reduces contamination
  • Closed tip / pump assembly
    -> Minimum contamination risk
  • New protocols loaded from memory stick
    -> Possible to receive protocol by e-mail or download
  • Sample drawn from primary tube
    -> Reduces manual pipetting

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NorDiag Arrow Extraction Kits
Sample prep-(D)NA purification Kits
Product CodeProduct NameQuantity   Application Notes
and Protokols
6.01.01Arrow Bugs'n Beads96 Preps  Application Notes
6.06.02Arrow Stool DNA96 PrepsApplication Notes
6.07.02Arrow Blood DNA 20096 PrepsApplication Notes
6.17.02Arrow Blood DNA 500 (coming soon)  96 Preps
6.08.02Arrow Viral NA (coming soon)96 Preps


Product CodeProduct Name   
8.32.0196 Tips for NorDiag Arrow  

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NorDiag Bullet

The NorDiag Bullet instrument is CE IVD ready and provides TRUE walk away automated sample preparation for molecular diagnostics. The NorDiag Bullet is compact yet flexible, designed to provied targetend solutions for the user's needs. What are the advantages with the NorDiag Bullet?

It is fast, fully automated - true walk away system:

  • Automated bar-code reading from primary sample tube
  • Minimal instrument setup time
  • Automates all pipetting, from primary sample tube to downstream setup
  • No centrifugation for your laboratory 

It is flexible:

  • Pipettors work independently allowing for increased throughput and batch sizes to be tailored to your exact number of samples
  • Heating / Cooling blocks for multiple temperature settings within a single application
  • Can isolate from samples such as urine, faeces, sputum and blood
  • Plate gripper quickly moves the sample plate across the platform

It is an intelligent system:

  • Built in PC
  • Can be connected to LIMS to capture log files and sample information
  • Potential for customised applications
  • Produces log file with details of each run
  • Liquid level detection

The NorDiag Bullet is customised and can be adapted for a variety of applications, making it a versatile and cost effective solution for your laboratory.

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NorDiag Bullet Extraction Kits
Sample prep-(D)NA purification Kits
Product CodeProduct NameQuantity   Application Notes
2.01.04Bugs'n Beads STI (CE, IVD)1 x 1000 Preps  Application Notes
2.03.04Bugs'n Beads STI - fast (CE, IVD)1 x 1000 PrepsApplication Notes
2.09.04Bullet Bugs'n Beads 1 x 1000 PrepsApplication Notes
1.31.94Bullet Viral NA  1 x 1000 PrepsApplication Notes


Product CodeProduct Name   Quantity
8.12.02Re-usable troughs 30 ml1 x 5 pieces
8.12.03Re-usable troughs 100 ml1 x 5 pieces
8.12.04Deep well plate (96 format)1 piece
8.12.05Adapter for TaqMan 48 setup1 piece
8.12.06Refill Tips NorDiag Bullet 1 ml mit Filter8 x 96 piece
5.05.20Elution buffer200 ml

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X-tractor Gene

Easy-to-use Automated RNA and DNA extraction

A unique feature of this system is the combination of sophisticated robotics with user-friendly software. The functionality of the robot is controlled entirely by a software interface, which offers a Wizard to simplify set-up of any extraction procedure. The X-Tractor Gene™ vacuum extraction system is an economical, labour-saving necessity that will easily integrate into any molecular diagnostics or research laboratory.

The X-Tractor Gene™ has an 8-channel pipetting head and a 6-position work-station consisting of a dual position vacuum capture/wash and elution module and four positions for 96-well plates and pipette tip racks.

The workstation, which also accommodates 4 tubs for reagents, is securely enclosed within a polycarbonate lid. The system comes complete with an external vacuum/waste module and either a laptop or desktop PC (please see last page for system specifications).

A HEPA filter module, to provide positive pressure filtered air inside the lid, and a UV light assembly are available as optional accessories.

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