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RNA Extraction Kit Total Quick RNA

Total Quick RNA is a kit designed for RNA mini extractions (up to 100 ug). The kit has a short processing time (20 minutes) and its simple procedure allows multiple samples to be processed in the same run. The protocol is common to all starting substrates, apart from those (bacteria) which require an enzymic incubation. The process employs common laboratory equipment.

The Total Quick RNA Kit technology combines the speed of a spin columm process with the advantage of a detergent-based chemistry. The detergent in the Lysing Solution lyses the cells and precipitates nucleic acids (both DNA and RNA) as complexes with the surfactant. The RNA is trapped in a reverse micelle and is, consequently, protected from ribonuclease activity. After gentle homogenisation, the lysate is transferred to the spin dolumn, incubated for a few minutes at 4°C and then centrifuged. This process eliminates the liquid phase and allows the retention of the detergent-nucleic acid complexes on the spin column filter. Addition of the Washing Solution dissociates detergent-nucleic acids complexes and solubilises the DNA, which is eliminated together with any trace proteins after a second spin. The RNA which remains on the filter is washed with 70% Ethanol, resuspended in water and recovered with a short centrifugation. The RNA purified using Total Quick RNA is suitable for RT-PCR and cDNA syntesis.

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Seek DNA Extraction Kits Viral DNA

In the laboratory analysis of different pathological agents, the advantage of PCR technology has opened a new prospective for their detection and analysis. Therefore accurate isolation of these agents has become unavoidable pre-requisite. SEEK VIRAL DNA technology offers quick and accurate viral DNA isolation from diverse biological material in which it could be present in different forms: free, episomale or integrated. The kit is based on a high capacity silica matrix that binds viral DNA in high-salt buffer system. Samples are first lysed and homogenised by traditional method which uses the chaotropic agent guanidine thiocyanate. Solubilized viral DNA is bound selectively and strongly to the high capacity silica matrix. The DNA resign complex is harvested by filtration and washed to eliminate traces of contaminants. To maximize the yield, all filters and resin are treated to minimize the aspecific interaction even in the presence of small amounts of DNA.

SEEK VIRAL DNA 50 extractions Code: TA 050 SKV
Components of the kit:

  • 50 ml Cell Precipitation Solution
  • 25 ml SEEK VIRAL DNA Binding Solution (solution 1)
  • 2,5 ml SEEK VIRAL DNA High Capacity Purification Resin (solution 2)
  • 50 ml SEEK VIRAL DNA Washing Solution (solution 3), add 1 volume of ethanol before use
  • 50 pieces SEEK Viral DNA Filters
  • 50 pieces 2 ml tubes

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