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HEPA & UV PCR Workstation

Booth the HEPA Workstation and
the UV PCR Workstation feature:

  • A 30-minute timer to decontaminate apparatus and chamber with the shortwave UV
  • Control potential PCR contamination with the built-in high intensity shortwave (254 nm) UV tubes for inactivation of DNA between experiments
  • Easy-clean antimicrobial coating on the stainless steel resists bacteria growth
  • A safety shut-off switch automatically turns the ultraviolet light off when the door is opened
  • The hinged door flips up for easy access to the work area
  • The workstation features 4 built-in power outlets

The HEPA Workstation has additional features:

Filtered and sterilized air circulates from the HEPA/UV system into the PCR chamber via positive pressure laminar air flow with high/low settings. The workstations acrylic panels are specially formulated to block UV wavelengths below 400 nm.

  • The HEPA/UV units features four filters:
    - Pre-filter
    - Carbon-filter (for ozone elimination)
    - HEPA-filter
    - Zer ozone catalyst grid
  • HEPA duct features antimicrobial coated stainless steel that resists bacterial growth
  • Side access with a slide out design make changing filters and UV tube easy
  • Duct includes a shortwave (254 nm) ultraviolet tube for eliminating airborne microbes
  • A safety interlock switch is located on the filter access door and the acrylic door


UV PCR Workstation (H x W x D): 826 x 737 x 610 mm
UV 3 HEPA PCR Cabinet (H x W x D): 826 x 544 x 610 mm

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Protector Workstation

DNA Workstation

  • The DNA workstation avoids cross-contamination by suction of the air ducting it through an activated charcoal filter.
  • All particles are captured and will not reach normal lab air.
  • The DNA workstation is provided with an on-off switch, variable speed airflow control and a timer for filtration and UV light exposure.
  • The perspex cover can be adjusted 100 mm backwards to accommodate different height applications (not for USA version).
  • The work surface is made of stainless steel and can be sterilized.
  • Additionally, an hour-counter counts the overall working time and helps to remember changing the activated charcoal filter (good for 1000 hours).


Working space (W x D):470 x 300 mm
Suction space (W x D):410 x 240 mm
Dimensions exterior (W x D x H):  470 x 540 x 235 mm
Weight:12,5 kg (220 V), 14,5 kg (110 V)
Air performance:575 m/h (50 Hz), 600 m/h (60 Hz)
Airflow:0 to 100 %, adjustable
Filter:450 x 220 x 47 mm, 300 g, loam material with activated charcoal
UV lamp:4 W, 254 nm
Hour counter:exists
Power consumption:100 W

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UV Airclean Workstation

UV Airclean Workstation for PCR operations is designed for clean operations with DNA samples. It provide protection against contamination. Model is bench-top type, made of metal framework, glass walls and working surface made of stainless steel.

UV-cabinet is equipped with an open UV lamp installed in the upper hood. UV-radiation from the open lamps disinfects the working area inactivating DNA/RNA fragments during 15–30 min of exposure. A digital timer controls duration of the direct UV irradiation. A daylight lamp provides proper illumination of the working surface.

UV-cabinet is equipped with a flow-type bactericidal UV cleaner-recirculator AR, which provides constant decontamination inside the cabinet during operation. It's recommended for operations with dangerous infectious and viral materials, DNA/RNA amplicons.

UV cleaner-recirculator AR consists of a UV lamp, a fan and dust filters organized in a special body so that a user working with a UV-cabinet is protected against UV light. Recirculator increases the maximum density of UV light making it sufficiently effective for DNA/RNA inactivation. The UV-recirculator processes 360 UV-cabinet volumes per hour, creating permanent aseptic conditions of operation inside the UV-cabinet.

Advantages of UV Airclean Workstation:

  • Ozone free, high density UV decontamination
  • Long living UV lamps (8000 hours average)
  • Automatic switch off of UV-lamps when the protective screen is opened
  • Bactericidal flow-type recirculator providing permanent decontamination inside UV–cabinet during operation
  • Shockproof glass walls
  • Low noise, low energy consumption
  • Tables for installation of UV-cabinets
  • UV-cabinet with the bactericidal UV cleaner-recirculator AR is patented
Dimensions: 690 x 555 x 555 mm
Weight: 32 kg
UV lamp: 1 x 25 W, bactericidal
Radiation type: Ultraviolet (253,7 n) ozone-free
UV-recirculator: 1 x 25 W (efficiency > 99 % per hour)
Daylight lamp:1 x TLD-15W for illumination of the working area
Glass type:Euroglass (Germany)
Thickness of glass:sides = 4 mm, upper front panel = 8 mm
UV protection film type: 4 MIL Clear
Optical transmission: 95 %
UV protection:> 96 %
LED time controller of UV exposure:  0 - 24 hours
Working place:480 x 645 mm
Power:230 V, 50/60 Hz /300 VA
115 V, 60 Hz on request

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UV Airclean Workstation Large

This new model is designed for placement of more laboratory instruments and accessories on the base work area. The total working area of the box is twice as large as a standard model and allows more comfortable operation.

UV-Airclean box includes the installed UV-air recirculator. This option additionally prevents unwanted amplification of contaminant DNA and protects the user from direct UV-light during manipulation.

3 Positions. Adjustable opening
of front door (work space clearance):  
low = 60 mm
midi = 125 mm
hight = 190 mm
Overall dimensions:1245 x 585 x 585 mm
Weight:58 kg
UV lamp:2 x 30 W, bactericidal
Radiation type:Ultraviolet (253,7 nm) ozone-free
UV recirculator:1 x 30 W (efficiency > 99  % per hour)
Daylight lamp:1 x TLD-30W for illumination of the working area 
Glass type:Euroglass (Germany)
Thickness of glass:sides = 4 mm, upper front panel = 8 mm
UV protection film type:4 MIL Clear
Optical transmission:95 %
UV protection:> 96 %
LED time controller of UV exposure:    0 - 24 hours
Working place:1200 x 520 mm
Power:230 V, 50/60 Hz / 300 VA

A triplex electrical outlet is mounted in the backside panel. UV exposure digital control is made by electric timer.

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