BioScript - Ultra Stable Reverse Transcriptase

BioScript is a Monoley Murine Leukaemia Virus (MMLV) reverse transcriptase which exhibits high stability and is active at a wide range of temperatures. Unlike the wild type enzyme, BioScript also possesses low RNase H activity, which results in enhanced yields. In addition, BioScript is highly sensitive even then the amount of template is a limiting factor. BioScript is suitable for first-strand cDNA synthesis for cDNA library construction and the production of templates for real-time PCR analysis of gene expression. Without using additional DNA polymerase, second-strand cDNA synthesis can also be achieved from some mRNA templates. BioScript can be used with tottal RNA, mRNA or in vitro-transcribed RNA.

Special Features of BioScript

  • Ultra-stable: no loss of activity observed when stored at room temperature for a week
  • Ultra-pure (noDNase/RNase contamination)
  • High yields achieved (low RNase H activity)
  • Highly sensitive even with low amounts of template
  • Suitable for experiments carried out at a wide range of temperatues (37° to 50°C)
  • High-quality cDNA obtained
  • Suitable for real-time PCR experiments
  • Price-competitive


Product  Pack SizeCat. No. Price plus Tax 
BIOTAQ DNA Polymerase500 unitsBIO-2104095,00 €
IMMOLASE DNA Polymerase500 unitsBIO-21047170,00 €
ACCUZYME DNA Polymerase   500 unitsBIO-21052350,00 €
BioMix 2x500 reactions  BIO-25012220,00 €
dNTP Set, 100mM4 x 25 µmolBIO-3902575,00 €
RibboLadder, Short25 lanesBIO-33060100,00 €
RibboLadder, Long25 lanesBIO-33061110,00 €

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