SensiMix Real-time PCR Kits

A comprehensive range of highly optimized products: designed to deliver outstanding results.

Validated with all major real-time instruments: generates reliable and highly reproducible data on all commonly used real-time PCR instruments.

Powered by SensiTaq: a proprietary hot-start PCR enzyme that eliminates primer-dimer formation and non-specific amplification.

Extremely fast protocols: ideal for the new generation of fast-cyclers.

Flexible: developed for a variety of DNA and RNA templates including cDNA, poly(A) RNA, total RNA and genomic templates.

Which kit do you need? Use the real-time PCR Reagent Selection Guide to select the most suitable product for your real-time PCR instrument.

SensiMix SYBR Series

SensiFAST™ SYBR & Fluorescein Kit - SSF11-10a

SensiFAST™ SYBR Hi-ROX Kit - SSH11.10a

SensiFAST™ SYBR Lo-ROX Kit - SSL11.10a

SensiFAST™ SYBR No-ROX Kit - SSN11.10a

SensiMix Capillary Kit  - SM-10.07a

SensiMix SYBR & Fluorescein Kit - SM10-09b

SensiMix SYBR Hi-ROX Kit - SMH11-06a

SensiMix SYBR Low-ROX Kit - SML11-05a

SensiMix SYBR No-ROX Kit- SMN11-05a

SensiMix Probe Series

SensiFAST™ Probe Hi-ROX Kit - SPH11.04a

SensiFAST™ Probe Lo-ROX Kit - SPL11.04a

SensiFAST™ Probe No-ROX Kit - SPN11.06a

SensiMix II Probe Kit - SMII11.03a

SensiMix One-Step SYBR Series

SensiFAST™ SYBR & Fluorescein One-Step Kit - SFSF11.01a

SensiFAST™ SYBR Hi-ROX One-Step Kit - SFSH11.01a

SensiFAST™ SYBR Lo-ROX One-Step Kit - SFSL11.01a

SensiFAST™ SYBR No-ROX One-Step Kit - SFSN11.01a

SensiMix Capillary One-Step Kit - SMO11.11a

SensiMix SYBR & Fluorescein One-Step Kit - SMOF11.10a

SensiMix SYBR Hi-ROX One-Step Kit - SMOH11.10a

SensiMix SYBR Low-ROX One-Step Kit - SMLO11.06a

SensiMix SYBR No-ROX One-Step Kit - SMO10.09a

One-Step Probe Series

SensiFAST™ Probe Hi-ROX One-Step Kit - SFPH11.01a

SensiFAST™ Probe Lo-ROX One-Step Kit - SFPL11.01a

SensiFAST™ Probe No-ROX One-Step Kit - SFPN11.01a

SensiMix Probe One-Step Kit - SMO10.09a


New - SensiFAST™ Genotyping Kit - Datasheet

New - SensiFAST™ HRM Kit - Datasheet

SensiMix HRM Kit - Datasheet

Real-time Internal Control

DNA Extraction Control 560 - DEC11-12a560

DNA Extraction Control 610 - DEC11-12a610

DNA Extraction Control 670- DEC11-12a670

New - RNA Extraction Control 560 - Datasheet

New - RNA Extraction Control 610 - Datasheet

RNA Extraction Control 670 - Datasheet


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