NuPCR - The qPCR Reagent Suite

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The qPCR reagent suite includes three types of products that cover a number of applications.

Custom-designed probe-based qPCR assays for gene expression, quantification or detection.

DNA Binding Dye Gene Expression Assays
Custom-designed primers for gene expression, quantification or detection.

High-Resolution Melt Assays
Custom-designed primers for genotyping. Design against DNPs or Indels.



Each NuPCR assay is shipped at room temperature. As soon as you recieve it, store it at -15°C to -25°C.

Decription  Reactions  Catalog #       
NuPCR Gene Expression Assays - FAM250   EC-309-1001
NuPCR Gene Expression Assays - FAM500   EC-309-1002
NuPCR Gene Expression Assays - FAM2000   EC-309-1003
NuPCR Gene Expression Assays - HEX250   EC-309-1011
NuPCR Gene Expression Assays - HEX500   EC-309-1012
NuPCR Gene Expression Assays - HEX2000   EC-309-1013
NuPCR Gene Expression Assays - ROX250   EC-309-1021
NuPCR Gene Expression Assays - ROX500   EC-309-1022
NuPCR Gene Expression Assays - ROX2000   EC-309-1023
NuPCR Gene Expression Assays - Q670250   EC-309-1031
NuPCR Gene Expression Assays - Q670500   EC-309-1032
NuPCR Gene Expression Assays - Q6702000   EC-309-1033


Master Mix

Each NuPCR master mix is shipped on dry ice. As soon as you recieve it, store it at -15°C to -25°C.

Decription  Reactions  Catalog #       
NuPCR Gene Expression Master Mix250   EC-305-1001
NuPCR Gene Expression Master Mix500   EC-305-1002
NuPCR Gene Expression Master Mix2000   EC-305-1003


Consumables & Equipment

Check to ensure that you have all of the necessary user-supplied consumables and equipment before proceeding to the NuPCR protocol. Just contact us if you need:

  • 2 µ Barrier Pipette Tips
  • 2 µl Multichannel Pipettes
  • 2 µl Single Channel Pipettes
  • 10 µl Barrier Pipette Tips
  • 10 µl Multichannel Pipettes
  • 10 µl Single Channel Pipettes
  • Aerosol-resistant Filter Tips
  • Optically Clear Adhesive Seals
  • PCR Grade Water
  • PCR Plates
  • PCR Tubes
  • RNase/DNase Zapper to decontaminate surfaces
  • Real-time qPCR System such as ECO High-end Real-time PCR Cycler
  • Microplate Centrifuge
  • Vortexer

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