Eco Plates

48-well polypropylene reaction plate engineered for the Eco Real-Time PCR System. 40 plates per box.

Catalog # EC-200-1002

Eco Adhesive Seals

Optically clear pressure-sensitive adhesive film designed to seal Eco 48-well plates. 40 seals per box.

Catalog # EC-200-1003

Eco Evaluation Plate

48-well Eco evaluation plate is pre-loaded with primers and template DNA in a dry-down format in each well. Addition of 20 ml of 1X SYBR Green reagent is required to perform an evaluation test.

Catalog # EC-200-1004

Eco Sample Loading Dock

LED-illuminated sample loading dock assists sample loading into a custom Eco plate. Adhesive seal applicator forms a tight seal between the adhesive seal and plate. Two plate adapters for standard centrifuge plate holders are included.

Catalog # EC-200-1001


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